Past semesters and courses

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Summer 2013

Duke Summer Workshop: Visualizing Venice


Spring 2013

Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice

Cities, Global Change and Sustainable Development

Coastal Wetlands, lagoons and estuaries: environmental monitoring and management

Comparing Cultures

Foundation fo Web-Based Multimedia Communication

Global Families

Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development

History of Venice

Homosexual Families

How to Realize the Limits of Human Ability – Necessary Conditions for Decision-making

International Management: Managing Global Value Chains

Italian Contemporary History

Italian for Foreigners

Modern Economics as Thought: The Difference of Preferences between Western Culture and Japanese Culture

Modernity in Europe, America & East Asia

Portraits of Human Existence in the east and West

Science and the Modern Literary Imagination

Singlehood, Global Media and Culture

The Formation of Marriage: Interaction of Law, Culture and Religion

Three Religions and their Defenders Old and New


Fall 2012

History of Venice

Venice, Dalmatia, and Ragusa from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

Global Art and Architecture in Venice: from its origins to today

Architectural and Urban Heritage. Transforming Venice after the Collapse of the Republic

Training in UNESCO World Heritage Studies

Managing Heritage Cities in the Era of Global Tourism

Globalization and Cultural Heritage

Digital Tools for Humanities

New Technologies, Cultural Heritage and the Urban Experience

Rediscovering the Civil Society

Legal Traditions of the World

The Ethics of Climate Change

Empire, Identity, and Exile in the Literature of Eastern and Central  Europe

Reading Calvino in Venice

The Origins and Development of Japanese Martial Arts and Western Interpretations

A Violent World: TV News Images of Middle Eastern Terror and War

Aspects of Japanese and Western Culture viewed through the Cinema

Siege Mentality in National Cinemas

Italian Contemporary History

Italian for Foreigners, beginner and intermediate levels


Summer 2012

Duke Summer Workshop: Visualizing Venice


Spring 2012

International Management: Managing Global Value Chains

Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development

Cities, Global Change and Sustainable Development

Organizational Ethics, Politics, and Sustainability: Leading Change Toward Sustainability

Globalization and Ethics. The Validity of Human Rights

Multiculturalism and Global Governance

The Internationalization of Finance: Causes, Consequences, Contagion and Tools

International Trade, European Regionalism and Trade as Development Policy


Is the Earth Sustainable? Apocalypses or the Many Endings of the World

Cultural Sustainability of Tourism in Africa

Discovering the Mediterranean: Tourism and Literature in the Twentieth Century

Writing: from Technology to Knowledge. Writing systems in different languages


Fall 2011

Art and Exchange

Architectural Urban Heritage. Transforming Venice After the Collapse of the Republic

Globalization and Cultural Heritage

Training in the UNESCO World Heritage Studies

 Money, Sex and Power

Venice and Globalization

The Body in a Globalized World

Human Dignity and Human Rights: the Development of an idea and its meaning

 Heritage or Hindrance? Philosophical Perspectives on Religion

Greek Heritage and Modern Culture. Wagner and Nietzsche on Birth and Rebirth of Tragedy

The Origins of Modern Philosophical Worldview

Pleasure: from Aesthetics to Ethics

 Unequal Words: Topics in Translation and Lexicography

2010-2011 MASTER ICE: ICE-VIU  Expert in Business Internationalization Processes


Spring 2011

International Management

Writing Venice: Italy, Aesthetic Theory, and the Novel from Ruskin to Proust

The Duke and the Doge: Comparative Studies of Cultural, Political and Religious influences in Florentine and Venetian 16th Century Art

Cultural Conservatism and Classical Innovation in the Formation of Venetian Renaissance Art

A Cultural History of Tea

Western Images of Japan

Identity, Language and Communicative Practices  in Contemporary Italy

Migrant Cultures in the United States and Italy

Trust and Cooperation

Global Justice and Fairness beyond Borders

National and Regional Identities

Is Cultural Sustainability an attainable Goal?

From Colonialism to Postcolonialism in Literature and the Arts

Modernity in Europe, America and East Asia

William Faulkner and the American South


Fall 2010

Cultural Heritage and Globalization

Culture Innovation and Urban Change

Venice   Signatures

Venice and the Ottomans

Homosexual Families

The Formation of Marriage

Japanese Economy

Global Food Security

Islam and the Making of Europe

Transnational Muslim Movements

Spring 2010
Venice in the History of Music

Business Management in Globalizing Asia

Comparative Business History: Japan and United States

Social and Cultural Issues in Urban Planning in the 21st Century

Ethical Problems in Globalization: Governance, Multiculturalism and Paternalistic Intervention

The Jews of Renaissance Venice

A Unique Multiethnic Society: Medieval Spain

Theories of Justice from Aristotle to Rawls

Gender, Space and Everyday Life in the City

Sovereignty in Supra-National Polities

Human Rights, Involvement and Integration

History of early Modern Science

Science  and Modern Literary Imagination


Fall 2009

Building on a Lagoon

Regions and Cities in the Global Economy

Representing Global Cities

Food and Culture

Culture and Negotiation

Pictures of Italy in the Eyes of british and American Writers

The Representation of Desire

Tribe: Fictions of Contemporary American Social Life

The Perfect City

Spring 2009

Shipwrecks:Uses of Catastrophe from the Tempest to the Titanic

Shakespeare and the World of Venice

Residential Architecture

Approaching Justice

Imagining Rhetoric: from Plato to Television

The Worlds of Marco Polo

History of Islam in Africa


Fall 2008

City as a metaphor

One World, One Language?

Representation of cannibalism

Social simulation

The Myth of Venice

Europe and its strangers

Europe of dictators