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Venice International University (VIU) welcomes you to VIUBLOGS – a platform to share your ideas and experience with the VIUCOMMUNITY, which includes:

  • the over one hundred students who every semester attend the Globalization Program courses, seminars and summer schools
  • the hundreds of alumni who have taken courses at VIU and who participated to the worldwide mobility or internships in Italy
  • the dozens of professors and researchers who have taught in VIU programs and who have worked in VIU’s research centers
  • past and present staff
  • anyone genuinely interested in VIU’s activities.

On the StudentsBlog our interns post regular information about the current semester, co-curricular activities and what’s on in Venice. This is a free access platform.
A Course Blog is dedicated to every course taught during the semester, to download additional learning materials and participate in the online discussions. A login and password are required.


You can participate to VIU life also through the other VIUCOMMUNITY tools:

VIU Newsletter: if you would like to receive regular updates of VIU activities, sign up here

VIU on Facebook: join the FB group, to participate in online discussions, and the VIU page for regular updates on co-curricular activities and events

VIU on YouTube: course programs presented by VIU visiting professors, opening ceremonies records and VIU lectures available feature-lenght.